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In Simplify, bestselling author, senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church and internationally respected spiritual leader Bill Hybels shows you to reclaim your life from the all consuming clutter that drains your very soul.

At the end of your day you probably feel exhausted, overwhelmed and already overcommitted for tomorrow. You might be employed, a leader, a wife and mother or a student; but whatever your role, you will still find your spirit drained by the demands of work, life, others and even yourself.

In a world where complexity and complication seem unstoppable, Bill Hybel shows you how to control the breakneck pace of life and to find the simple way to success and satisfaction.

If you feel your world is costing you too dearly, and you spend too much of your life just doing things that keep you busy but don’t really matter, then you need to simplify your world and get rid the clutter that keeps you from what you value most - the life God called you to live.

As visionary and passionate in print as he is in person, Bill assures you that your life can different; you can be certain you’re living the life God called you to live. And you can do this by adopting a simpler life anchored by the priorities that matter most.

In his guide to simplified living, the convener of The Globabl Leadership Summit gives you the benefit of all his knowledge and expertise; not just to clean out your closets or reorganise your work, but to actually unclutter your soul.

In Simplify, you’ll learn how to eradicate the stuff that leaves your spirit drained. You can discover how to stop doing what doesn’t matter and start doing what does. And you can share this message with those you love; watch out for the companion Simplify DVD course and the Simplify Participant’s Guide.

Follow Bill Hybel's Simplify and find yourself on the first step of a liberating journey of discovery towards a simpler and more rewarding life with time and energy to actually enjoy it.

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